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Why TrekMail

Trekmail offers users superior security protocols in addition to an attractive, feature-rich email interface that is fast, safe, and reliable. TrekMail captures the essence of simplicity that will make every task a breeze while providing robust functionality for businesses. TrekMail is viable for medical, and business professionals, college students, and mom and dads. This service is only available to residents of Palm Beach County, which translates to virtually no downtime or bottlenecks that occur within large networks. And best of all, this service is absolutely FREE!

All the security & features you will ever need or want available in one service for Business and Personal use.

Text Alerts - Mail Encryption - Superior Security Protocols - Plus Addressing - Send Mail Up To 50mb - User Friendly Interface - File Storage W/Password Protect - Streamline RSS Feed

Please Read Instructions Prior To Setting Up A Mailbox:

All mail you send will be encrypted, and TrekMail comes with a few features not available with other email services. To set up your new email account, input your first name, last name, primary mobile number, Zip code, and create a username then click submit. Within a few seconds you will receive a temporary password via a welcome text message. As part of our security protocols, We DO NOT reset user names or provide you with a way to retrieve your user name should you forget it. Create a unique username, and store it in a safe place you have access to 24/7.

IMPORTANT! As soon as you receive your temporary password, log in to your account immediately and change your password. Text messages are not secure, so please Do Not utilize the temporary password as your primary password. To set up a primary password, log in to your account using the temporary password you received and look for the ( settings tab ). Click on it, and immediately towards the top of the page you will see a field to insert a new password. Passwords will need to be at least 12 characters. As part of our security features, you will receive a welcome text message each time your mailbox is accessed, whether you are logging in from a new device or not.

Please refer to our help section for all questions relating to mailbox features, security, deactivating a mailbox, or resetting your password.

I have read the instructions for setting up my account and terms of service. I understand and agree with the terms for using this service.

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